Prehung Flush Door

Who builds knows very well that time is money, so that´s why they need top quality products that put together design and practicality. And that's exactly what you find at Rohden Prehung Flush Door, which keeps the usual level of excellence in a set that comes fully assembled, screwed and painted, saving a precious time for the completion of your construction. Rohden Prehung Flush Door is perfect for indoor use and can be found in two versions, white painted or wooden pattern, matching any decoration style you choose. Everything very convenient and fast, making your life easier, without compromising Rohden Standard Quality. Beauty in every single detail to the final costumer and more flexibility for builders.

Satiny Smooth Door

Demanding consumers understand a well-designed building by its finishing, with quality materials that brings value to your property. With that in mind, Rohden offers its Smooth Door with satin paint finishing, the architects’ favorite. But if the beauty draws attention on the outside, it is inside that the Satiny Smooth Door is even more successful: its robust structure is totally ecological, produced from reforested wood with the up-to-date technology. In addition, it can be found in various sizes, adapting perfectly to the most diferent architectural designs. That means Rohden quality always making a difference in your construction.

High Gloss White Door

Audacious architectural designs and personalized decoration are features of some of the brightest minds in the construction business, so Rohden is constantly looking for innovation. To make your surrounding more special, it offers the High Gloss White Door. Also produced in a robust structure with reforested wood, the High Gloss White Door helps highlighting the decoration and creating very interesting points of light in the environment, subtle and personalized. Found in various sizes, it is ideal for composing the most different projects, creating unique environments. Value your project with the quality and beauty of the Rohden High Gloss White Door.

Grooved Flush Door

Beauty and sophistication in a highly resistant and safe door. Rohden Grooved Flush Door is a differential that shows remarkable personality. Made from reforested wood, the door is completely ecological, which guarantees even more distinction to the product. And knowing that creativity and good taste do not necessarily have to follow standards, Rohden offers several models, both on the trace of the grooving and on its sizes. Thus, it meets the most various architectural projects with elegance and quality that are already characteristics of Rohden products.

Grooved Flush Door - Models


Flush Door with Aluminum Inserts

Contemporaneity. Who takes this concept seriously seeks an intelligent, visionary audience, who knows how to recognize good choices when found them. To enhance your project and meet the requirements of contemporary architecture, Rohden has created the Door with Aluminum Insert, a new release that is already a hit among constructors. The release surprised by the extreme good taste and fantastic visual characteristics with striking details, its main differential. Discover the Door with Aluminum Insert and emphasize the quality of your project with this new Rohden product.

Flush Door with Aluminum Insert - Models


Flush Door – Wood Finishing

The wooden finishing brings a cozy feeling and texture for the decoration, while heating the environment by its visual comfort. But not only the color of this door that stands out, since it is totally ecological, produced with raw materials from Rohden own reforested forests. The company, which is environmentally friendly, is keen to get serious about sustainability throughout its manufacturing process, being self-sufficient in electricity and adopting automated techniques that reduce the impact on nature. All this to bring you doors that value even more your project, created to make your life easier and highlight every aspect of your construction. Rohden Flush Door – Wooden Finished also features adjustable frames and various dimensions available, meaning more beauty, economy and quality for your venture.

Door Shaft

Common areas also deserve special attention in the project, bringing value to each residential or commercial unit, even in the service areas. Thinking about it, Rohden produces Shaft doors, a line with the same finishing of the other doors, keeping the visual continuity of the project. Perfect for protecting electrical cabinets, pipes, trash cans, etc. The Shaft Doors may have ventilation openings when necessary. This way you speed up your construction without compromising the aesthetics even in service areas - and without giving up Rohden quality.

Sliding door

Being in the strong trend of the property market - the studios - or any other type of home, the Rohden Sliding Doors are perfect for those who need to save space. To make your work even easier, they have the same standard of openness and are offered with the same design options of the other doors of the project, emphasizing the interior decoration. Rohden Sliding Doors optimize the space of bedrooms, closets, bathrooms and kitchens, allowing more options of use and accommodation of furniture, shelves and bookcases. Beauty that brings value to every detail of your building, always with the quality and practicality of Rohden products.


Your environment much more sophisticated. Protects the paint the walls and adds a touch of beauty. Various design combinations.

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