Door Slab

ROHDEN is working with wood since 1938. So it produces the best doors in the market. The excellence are at every detail which ensures – besides the beauty – acoustic, thermal and light insulation above all market standards.

The prehung door kit is supplied by industrial final painting process, that ensures uniformity and resistance to the door set. Optionally, customer can select wood color paint.

Flat Slotted Louver

Traditional performance
Premium construction

Trendy tradition
Louver doors are an essential item to any home. Willing to bring innovation to a traditional product, Rohden has a brand new item to present, which is its Flat Slotted Louver. To come in pairs as bifolds or as swing doors, the Flat Slotted Louvers are a perfect match for the interior passage doors.

Either flat panels shaker style or recessed panels will have a match on our Flat Slotted Louvers. Any room that needs louvers will be smoother with this new design vented flat louver.

Our flat panel louver door is contemporary, uniting the new with the use of the well known established louver doors. Our flat panel louvers are discrete, easy cleaning, and bear a premium appearance. Appealing for its shaker profiles, with the modern look and innovative construction - do not hold dust - they are made from wood plantation. Multiple choices of sizes available, to suit most types of jobs.

*Rohden has a “Patent Pending” mark on this doors

Mahogan Door

Innovative range of reddish wood

As a long lasting door producer, Rohden has experience and exposure to product performance and life expectancy.

At this stage Rohden presents a new environmentally safe FSC compliant door. Leading to a new great visual appeal, light reddish color made with eucalyptus, long cycle crop that has an outstanding character. Its visual appeal aligned to stability from the engineered construction, is an attractive new product.

This interior door brings the essence of the environment with our regular engineered core construction. It’s eucalyptus veneers appeal the mahogany, with its richness of color and great character.

All flat panel range and the traditional louvers are able to match this innovative line.

Fire alguma coisa door

Protection and beauty – it is possible to have both with Rohden doors. Rohden fire rated doors proposed designs match most of the regular interior doors in a house. It is ideal for entryways between garage and home. Rohden doors provide incredible durability and protection. Engineered construction for long-lasting performance, this is a 20 min positive pressure, hose and stream certified product. A smooth 4 coats of white prime appeals for its finish that will be completed with a final paint of your choice.



Barn Door

Doors are everywhere, yet somehow they get overlooked and under designed. Adding a barn door changes the feel of a place, adding unique style and progressive design. Barn doors save space, sliding along the wall and requiring no swing space when opening or closing.

Barn Doors are used anywhere from living rooms, bedrooms, offices, closets, bathrooms, pantries and anywhere in between. Barn doors are the ultimate in style and function.

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